BC10: Part 4

On February 9th, we arrived at our last destination: Grand Turk. After the ship docked, my parents and sister got off, but my room was still getting ready so we agreed to meet them later at Jack's Shack. Jack's is the very last place on the beach and since there's generally less people, it's the perfect place to find sea glass (and there is an abundance!). It's also right next to a pier that had conch shells under it. After seeing a few people walking back with shells, Madison and I went to see if we could grab our own. Madison picked up two, but one smelled so bad that we put it back. Overall, we spent a lot of time in the water cooling off or looking for sea glass.

After boarding the ship again, we read until it was time for dinner. This was the second formal night, so, after eating we took a few professional photos. Then, we changed into comfier clothing and headed to the casino. Madison and I both tried playing this claw machine that you could pull money out of (right) when we arrived. Neither of us won at first, so we played other games and watched my grandma play on some slot machines. I found my dad in the casino and we went to play my favorite casino game: roulette. While I was playing, Madison played the claw game again and pulled $100 out of it!

The next morning was the last fun day at sea. We didn't have any plans so we slept in a little bit later. After getting ready and eating breakfast, we looked in a few of the stores before heading back to the room to read. At one point, Trish, Madison, and I were on the balcony reading. Around 1, Madison and I picked my sister, Arabella, up from camp. We got her some food from the lunch buffet, then I took her to play mini golf. It was super windy on the mini golf deck and when we got there all the golf balls were being used so we went to the arcade instead. Trish and Madison both met us there and we played a few games using game cards we got from platinum card members. After playing, Madison went back to the room, Trish went to get lunch, and Bella and I tried to play mini golf again. There was still no balls, but one group was finishing soon, so we waited and got theirs. After playing, Bella got frozen yogurt and I picked up a pizza; then. we found my grandma and ate with her. My parents were also eating lunch, so when Trish and I had finished they kept Bella and we headed back to the room for some reading and naps.

After dinner, we looked at all the professional photos we had taken throughout the whole trip. Madison and I picked out one that we liked and bought it. Then, we headed back to the room and packed our bags. The following morning, we got on a plane and headed back home to Michigan.

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