Thursday, March 2, 2017

BC9: Part 7

25-26 February 2016
Days 6-7
Cozumel, Mexico & Return Home

The last port on BC 9 was Cozumel, Mexico! We had planned to go the Passion Island, but it was extremely windy that day so all excursions with boats had to be cancelled. As a back up, we planned to go to a nearby beach that we've visited before, but after getting off the ship and walking around we thought it was too cold to go in the water anyways. We briefly shopped at the stores that are right off the ship's dock. After we decided that it was too cold to go swimming we headed back to the ship to change out of our bathing suits. For a while, the ships gangway (what's used to get off the ship) had to be closed because another ship was docking, but when it reopened my parents and sister got off the ship to do more shopping in the market area and I elected to stay on the ship and read.

After finishing my book, I realized that I had left my sail & sign card in my room and had no way of getting into my room to get another book to read, so I wandered around the ship until I found a game of trivia in the lobby that I participated in, followed by a game of charades. Eventually, I went back to the room and knocked on the door, hoping that my family was back and they would open and they were.

That night, we packed all of our belongs and the following morning we got on a plane to take us first to Nashville, TN, then, back to Detroit, MI. 


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