BC10: Part 2

The first full day on the ship was a Fun Day at Sea, meaning that we weren't stopping at a port. My room slept in a bit and opted to go to the breakfast buffet around 10:30am. Shortly after, we headed to Dave's Slot Pull in the casino. I blogged about the slot pull before, but essentially, everyone puts in $20 and the group plays on one machine (everyone plays three times) splitting the final earnings. This time, the very last person who went won lots of money and everyone ended up getting $38 back. Near the end of the slot pull, my mom took my sister to Camp Ocean and met Madison and me in the library afterwards where we played a few card games.

Around one p.m., Madison and I picked my sister up from camp and took her to the arcade to play a few claw games and air hockey. My parents and grandma met us there and we went to lunch on the Lido deck. After lunch, my grandma, Madison, and I went to see Clue: the Murder Mystery (pictures above). This was very cool and the actors did amazing! At this show they introduced the characters from the classic game of clue and their motive for murdering Mr. Boddy. During events throughout the cruise they would give clues to eliminate characters, weapons, and places and at the end of the cruise if you guessed the person, weapon, and place correctly you could win a prize. We actually sat in the front row, so we could see all the characters really well and Mr. Boddy was right in front of us. Following Clue: the Murder Mystery was a game of Bingo and the first clue reveal.

After Bingo, we went back to our room and played cards and read until it was time to get ready for dinner; then, we read and played cards again after dinner.

The following morning we arrived in Amber Cove, Dominican Republic! We met our excursion group in the lobby at 8 A.M. and got off the ship about thirty minutes later. The dock is kinda long, so my dad and grandma took a ride instead (see right). We walked to the tour bus and met our main guide, Felipe. Then, we drove through a few towns and alongside a beautiful waterfront before going to the hotel district. We deboarded the bus at one hotel and walked down an alley to the beach. Then, we took a mini boat out to meet the boat for the excursion.

Once on the boat, we drove across the ocean for about two hours (it went by so quick) and Felipe got us drinks before we stopped at a several snorkeling sites. The snorkeling equipment was provided on the excursion and we got to see so many cool fish in the water. After snorkeling, we stopped at a beach and had lunch and did a little shopping, then, took a bus back to port. Before going back to the ship, we stopped and got pictures by this cool Amber Cove sign (below). When we got back to our room they were delivering chocolate covered strawberries to all the blogger's rooms (YUM!). That night was also the first of two formal nights on the cruise. Overall, the excursion was so cool and Amber Cove was one of my favorite stops this cruise!