BC10: Part 1

Looks like it that time of year again! Last year, I introduced Bloggers Cruise 9 (BC9) and have been posting about it for about a year now (I'm a busy person & kept forgetting to finish it, sorry!). You can check out the first post for more information on what a Bloggers Cruise is and without further ado we're gonna jump right into Blogger's Cruise 10 (BC10). 

BC9 was exciting for me because it was my first time being a blogger and I was so excited to share all my experiences here on the blog, even if it took me literally forever. On the other hand, BC10 was ten times more exciting because we were visiting Amber Cove, Dominican Republic, a place I've never been before and because my best friend, Madison, and my grandma, who we nicknamed Trish, were joining my family on this trip!

Our trip started on February 3, 2017, in Michigan. My grandma spent the night and Madison got dropped off in the morning and then we were on our way to the Detroit Metropolitan Airport to catch our early morning flight. We had a brief layover at the Baltimore-Washington Internation Airport before flying to Fort Lauderdale. After arriving in Ft. Lauderdale, we got a rental car and drove to my cousin's house for a quick visit followed by a drive to our hotel in Miami. We dropped our bags in our room, then drove to the local Olive Garden where our Blogger's group was having a group dinner. 

The following morning, we got ready and headed to the embarkation terminal. My parents reached Platinum level on this cruise, meaning we could enjoy the perks of boarding early (we boarded around 11:30) and having our rooms ready for us upon boarding, among other things. After boarding, we immediately went to our rooms and dropped off our carry-on bags and checked out the view from our balcony. Madison, my Grandma, and I were all in one room and my parents and sister were in the room next to us. We didn't have a connecting door in our rooms, but our balconies opened to create a longer balcony that we could share and gave us access to each other's rooms.

Port of Miami
View from balcony

Next, we headed to the Lido deck for Guy's Burgers followed by some ice cream. After lunch, we headed back to our rooms and everyone's luggage had arrived at the door except mine, so they began to unpack. Later, Trish; Madison; my sister, Bella; and I all went to play mini golf by the whale tail and I got a hole-in-one twice! Since we were unfamiliar with the ship, we decided to go down to Deck 5 and walk through it and familiarize ourselves with our new surroundings. From Deck 5, we walked down to Deck 4 and visited the library. Bella really wanted to play Candyland, so Madison and I played one quick game, which Bella won. Then, we were joined by a family friend, Anna, and the four of us played Sorry! together until it was time for the Muster drill.

Once we were released from the Muster drill, we went back to our room and my luggage had finally arrived! We spent time unpacking the rest of our luggage, then we got ready for dinner and John Heald's Welcome Aboard party. After the party we headed straight to dinner since we had early dinning (6 p.m.) and met the people we'd be eating with for the duration of our cruise. Later that night, we got a deck of cards from the concierge desk and taught my grandma how to play the card game BS. We also played Go Fish, but after debating on the rules several times, we banned playing that game for the rest of the trip.

Muster Station H