BC9: Part 4

22 February 2016
Day 3
Sea Day

The following day was another 'Fun Day at Sea'. Again, I started my morning by reading on the Lido deck while eating some breakfast.

Carnival is really great about having age-appropriate activities for kids and teens. When I was young enough to participate, I always had a blast.  They divide the kids into categories based on age: Camp Ocean (2-11), which is divided into three subgroups: Penguins, Stingrays, and Sharks; Circle "C" (12-14), and Club O2 (15-17). Arabella was in the Stingray (6-8) category of Camp Ocean. In the past, my shy sister didn't really attend camp; however, she attended quite a few times on this cruise, including this morning. After going to Camp for a few activities, it was time for me to pick her up.

We decided to play mini golf, followed by some soccer in the SportSquare. Afterwards, we meet our parents for lunch on the Lido deck.

Later, Bella and I met with Anna, a family friend who's the same age as me whose family usually cruises with ours, and went to the ship's library to play a few card games. We all love the game garbage, so we played that for a while, followed by a game of war. The library is a floor below as all the shops, so we looked around in each of them and bought some candy in the onboard candy store, Cherry on Top. Next, we headed to the Arcade for air hockey and, Bella's favorite, claw games.

That evening I went for a walk as the sun was setting, which I captured (above), followed by a night relaxing in the hot tub with Anna.