BC9: Part 3

21 February 2016
Day 2
Sea Day

My family woke up early today again. I woke up with them, took a picture of the sunrise from our balcony (below), then went straight back to sleep (like a true teenager).

The Gulf of Mexico from our balcony

When I awoke again I headed to the Lido deck with breakfast in mind. I brought a book with me and read poolside after eating. Around 10, I met my family at the casino for the casino slot pull we were participating in with our cruising group. Since it officially started at 10:30, my dad and I played a few slots (and he snuck the picture on the left). This was my first time ever in a casino! No one in my family scored any money on the slot pull, but a couple of our friends did. Afterwards, my dad and I played roulette, which I liked and was surprisingly good at.

The rest of the afternoon was leisurely. I went back to the room and read, followed by a nap. At one point, I was awoken by a member of the crew announcing that they were slowing down because of a potential raft out at sea. This raft was on the same side of the ship that our room was on, so I went on the balcony to search for the raft. It was sunny and difficult to see, so I used the binoculars that my dad brought with us to try to locate it. From far away it did appear to be a floating raft, but once the ship got closer, we were able to see that it was actually a big buoy. 

This was also the first elegant night aboard the cruise! On all Carnival ships there is at least one night where everyone dresses super fancy (this one has two). My family and our cruising friends planned ahead and brought color coordinating outfits.