BC9: Part 2

The following day was another 'Fun Day at Sea'.  Again, I started my morning by reading on the Lido deck while eating some breakfast.

Carnival is really great about having age-appropriate activities for kids and teens. When I was young enough to participate, I always had a blast.  They divide the kids into categories based on age: Camp Ocean (2-11), which is divided into three subgroups: Penguins, Stingrays, and Sharks; Circle "C" (12-14), and Club O2 (15-17). Arabella was in the Stingray (6-8) category of Camp Ocean. In the past, my shy sister didn't really attend camp; however, she attended quite a few times on this cruise, including this morning. After going to Camp for a few activities, it was time for me to pick her up.

We decided to play mini golf, followed by some soccer in the SportSquare. Afterwards, we meet our parents for lunch on the Lido deck.

Later, Bella and I met with Anna, a family friend who's the same age as me whose family usually cruises with ours, and went to the ship's library to play a few card games. We all love the game garbage, so we played that for a while, followed by a game of war. The library is a floor below all the shops, so we looked around in each of them and bought some candy in the onboard candy store, Cherry on Top. Next, we headed to the Arcade for air hockey and Bella's favorite claw games.

That evening I went for a walk as the sun was setting, which I captured (above), followed by a night relaxing in the hot tub with Anna.

The following morning we docked in Mahogany Bay, Isla Roatan, Honduras. Mahogany Bay is part of a small island off the coast of Honduras and our first destination! Whenever we stop in Honduras, we always go to Little French Key, a private island. They have beautiful waterfronts and lots of activities. While we were there I relaxed and read a book in one of their many hammocks, paddle boarded, and kayaked. LFK also has their own mini zoo with big and small animals alike. Overall, the experience was great and I love going to LFK.

Our next stop on BC9 was Belize City, Belize. Cruise ships cannot dock in Belize because of the coral reefs. Instead, they throw anchor and passengers take a ferry from the boat to the mainland. In Belize we did an Altun Ha Mayan site and a River Wallace tour. After getting off the ferry, we did a little shopping before meeting our tour guides. There was two different buses doing this tour. One bus did the river tour first and the other did the Mayan site first. The bus doing the river part filled up first and there wasn't room for our entire group, so we went on the second bus that went to the Mayan site first. The drive to the site was long, but our tour guides, Jenny and Ken, enlightened us with history facts about the country along the way. They also shared with us how the site was found and the site's name in English, Rockstone Pond, which I found very interesting.

Upon arrival, our tour guides told us about the landscape and natural vegetation, along with information on how the site was found. Then, we moved farther into the site. 

Anna and me before entering the site

The first ruins they showed us was the Temple of the Green Tomb, followed by the Temple of the Water God. Finally, they showed us the Temple of the Sun God. This was the only one we were able to climb on and it was huge, the pictures honestly don't do it justice. It's also a good time to mention that this particular day it was very, very hot. Regardless, my family and I climbed to the top of this temple (stairs on the side) to take some photos. It was even hotter on top of the temple, but so worth it.

After climbing back down, there was two young boys holding crocodiles and they allowed us to hold them and take pictures. We also got to look in a few shops that were outside the shop before leaving. Then, we went to The Orchid Hotel for lunch where they served burgers and fries. Following lunch, we were driven to River Wallace part of the excursion. While on this part we got to see a variety of species including crocodiles, lizards, and bats. Since it was so hot, we didn't get to see any monkeys. Near the end of the tour, we did get to see a few manatees, which was very cool. We returned back to the port with about an hour to spare for shopping, then we took the tender back to the ship.

A view of our ship from the tendor

The last port on BC 9 was Cozumel, Mexico! We had planned to go the Passion Island, but it was extremely windy that day so all excursions with boats had to be cancelled. As a backup, we planned to go to a nearby beach that we've visited before, but after getting off the ship and walking around we thought it was too cold to go in the water anyways. We briefly shopped at the stores that are right off the ship's dock. After we decided that it was too cold to go swimming we headed back to the ship to change out of our bathing suits. For a while, the ships gangway (what's used to get off the ship) had to be closed because another ship was docking, but when it reopened my parents and sister got off the ship to do more shopping in the market area and I choose to stay on the ship and read.

After finishing my book, I realized that I had left my sail & sign (room key) card in my room and had no way of getting into my room to get another book to read, so I wandered around the ship until I found a game of trivia in the lobby that I participated in, followed by a game of charades. Eventually, I went back to the room and knocked on the door, hoping that my family was back and they would open, and they were.

That night, we packed all of our belongs and the following morning we got on a plane to take us first to Nashville, TN, then, back to Detroit, MI.