Thursday, March 3, 2016

BC9: Part 2

20 February 2016
Day 1

My family woke up early and went to the pier across the street from the hotel to watch the sun rise and collect shells. Me, on the other hand, forwent this in favor of sleeping in (what can I say, I'm a teenager).

Sunrise over the Gulf of Mexico

After they got back from breakfast at IHOP, we got on a bus that took us to the embarkation terminal. We had an earlier embarkation check-in time (10:30 a.m.), so we didn't have to wait in many lines for very long and got board the ship in zone 2, meaning we were the third group of people to board after priority (diamond and platinum card holders a.k.a. people who cruise a lot) and zone 1.

Our first order of business after boarding ship was, of course, to get some food. While my parents went to the buffets, I made a beeline for my absolute favorite burgers in the entire world, Guy's Burger Joint. I swear I've never tasted a burger so good in my life.

Once we were finished eating, we went to the room and dropped off our carry-on bags; then, Arabella and I explored the ship and played putt putt (which is right next to the whale tail on this ship) and my parents went to Red Frog Pub. Bella and I later joined them and played shuffle board (it was surprisingly hard). Some time later, we all went back to our room. While there, we spent time on the balcony watching employees load luggage onto the ship along with some fresh fruit. After the muster drill, when the ship was pulling away from the dock we were able to spot dolphins! 

Later, we went to John Heald's Welcome Aboard Party (below), followed by dinner, where we met our fabulous wait staff.

As we were leaving the Welcome Aboard Part, the sun was setting, so my dad and I grabbed some quick photos.